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Spanish Newscast: BBC Mundo on the Internet

Finding a good Spanish newscast can be tough in a culture that seems determined not to become bilingual. On the surface, American television can appear to be monolingual, but alternatives are available. BBC Mundo is a Spanish-language broadcast news channel that is streamed over the Internet, and then broadcast on television. This article looks at some of its features and programming....(more)


What is Las Fallas?

Come March of every year, Valencia, Spain, pretty much sets on fire during a week of celebration called Las Fallas. The city streets become a playground for pyrotechnics as rockets blast in coordinated afternoon shows, and massive artistic floats burn to the ground in bonfires of wild flames....(more)

Unique Spanish Customs

Like any culture, Spain has a list of unique customs that you may or may not expect. From late-night meals to afternoon naps, and kisses being given literally left and right, these are just a few of the Spanish traditions you might encounter when visiting the Iberian nation....(more)

How is Three Kings Day Celebrated in Spain?

While many people celebrate the holiday season on December 24th and 25th, mostly Catholic Spain actually extends the festivities to January 6th. During Three Kings Day, children leave their shoes out in place of stockings, prepare snacks for camels, and receive gifts from three wise men....(more)


Talking About Your Family In Spanish

As we are beginning to learn a new language, one of the first things you want to do is talk about something familiar. What is easier to relate to and talk about than our families? Learning how to talk about your family is Spanish can be a fun way to start learning the language. Not only can you use the nouns for each family member but also you can start learning about possible adjectives to use to describe your family members. This Spanish family vocabulary is easy and fun to learn....(more)

Learning the Particulars of Demonstrative Adjectives in Spanish

The demonstrative adjectives in English are this and these. In Spanish, the use of demonstrative adjectives is much more involved. There are two more demonstrative adjectives in Spanish, making a total of four options compared to the two in English. That is not counting the various forms of each option....(more)

Printable Demonstrative Adjective Worksheets for Learning Spanish

Demonstrative adjectives such as this, that and those help distinguish objects according to their proximity to the speaker, and these worksheets provide ample practice and review of this concept in Spanish. A great lesson for you or your students, use these Spanish demonstrative adjective worksheets to strengthen your knowledge of this subject....(more)